10 Days with The DJI Ronin

Heres some raw clips from 10 days shooting with the DJI Ronin. I never really had time to mess a ton with the app and settings but this was pretty much the first go around. For straight out of the box and shooting in 5minutes I feel like its pretty amazing results.
Shot with Red Scarlet.
Mix of shots of me running with Ronin or riding a skateboard. Some shots from back of a car or hanging out a car window.

The Zoo

Welcome to The Zoo. Where priority means nothing and the locals have sharp teeth…… A little snippet from
the other morning on the East Coast.

Aaron Cormican
Evan Geiselman
Eric Geiselman
Eros Exorhou

Song: Baby Goodbye by Sepalot
Shot and Edited by: Patrick Wieland
Camera: RED Scarlet in the water and Land.

Wakeboard Video of The Year “Drop The Gun”


Took home Wakeboard video of The Year the other night at Wake Awards at Surf Expo. Winning the award for my newest project with Shredtown. Also winning Video Part of The Year with Chris Abadie. I’m stoked these guys finally got the love they deserve the movie turned out amazing and got rave┬áreviews from everyone.


The Road to 2015

Ride along on one of the best wakeboard journey’s to date for team Slingshot. A 2-week RV road trip from Orlando, FL to Shredtown, TX with a G23 in tow packed full of all the freshest 2015 Slingshot products. Throw the pro team into the mix with the best video / photo guys in the world and you’re bound for success. This video is a mere glimpse of what we have in store for the 2015 season.

Shot on RED



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