Slingshot is proud to present the “3 for All” video series. In conjunction with the release of our 2015 Line, we will be releasing 3 action videos showcasing the versatility and performance of the new gear in three different location around the world.

In this first installment, Slingshot invites you to follow the wake style duo of Alex Fox and Sam Light on their epic adventure circumnavigating the BVI’s on two 50 foot yachts. Filmmaker Patrick Wieland tells you the tale of wide open seas, lush green palm trees, hidden lagoons, aerial trickery and rum induced debauchery. With limitless options as to where to ride and the ability to explore the legendary British Virgin Islands to its utmost potential, it leaves you wondering why you can’t live EVERDAY like this…

Alternate Summer World

The suns out, the winds out of the south east and the beaches are full of people. Went out to the beach to do a little filming the other day and got lucky that Evan Geiselman, Aaron Cormican and friends were out ripping…

Messing around testing out WS on my RED and shot most of this in 4k WS 36fps and 3k WS 60fps. Its different for sure. Especially hard when trying to frame some shots where guys are boosting. Shot with Canon 500mm 4L IS.

Shot and Edited by: Patrick Wieland

Take A Different Vacation with Footloose Charters

Video I created for Footloose Charters to showcase their newest addition to their fleet. After years of the same and old same promotional videos I wanted to created something different. Creating a new piece that showcased the emotion of traveling with friends and exploring uncharted waters together.

Shot on RED Scarlet and Variety of Canon lenses all hand held.



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