So it begins…


Over the past week I have been staying up till 3 or 4am every night logging clips. We have over 600gigs footage and we are only really at 25% mark. I am trying to get the first teaser done for SURF Expo in september. We haven’t figured out how we are going to release it yet but I’m sure you will get to see it soon. Trying to create a teaser is so fun because you just get to pile in all your favorite shots in no particular order with no real plan. I am doing exactly that.

Got some ideas with post and motion so that will be included as well. Hopefully you guys like it. We plan on releasing multiple teasers and then a Trailer next year. Stay tuned cause its going to get wild.

I leave for Montreal tomorrow heading to Olivier Derome house for a week of filming. Then heading to Knoxville to Jeff House’s House for 2 weeks of filming. Its gonna be a busy august.

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