Insomnia: The Village

3am Insomnia lead me out of the house and onto the streets of Baldwin Park the other night. Edited this little video at 4am and finally fell asleep once I finished it. Great way to fall asleep.


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  1. No Coffee before bed time unelss it makes you sleepyTake some Valerian teaDo a foot to head relaxationFind a favourite position to sleep in and use it each time you go to bedMake sure your curtains seal off the out side ( it should be dark in your bed room)If you cant sleep don’t think it is insomnia think I cant sleep stay up and do something.go to bed every day at the same time and up at the same time ( this is very good!)Relax you eyes during the day occasionallyHave a warm bath before bedIf you cant sleep something is on you mind can you clear itGet a Bach sleep rescue remedyYou can put some more points now on this list that you can think ofHave fun

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