“All In”

All In…. Sometimes I find my self in situations where I should of maybe folded but its hard to not go all in. I went all in with a 5 and a 10 verse pocket Aces. I got a 4,6,7, and a 8 on the river…. I won. All in. I never want to look back and wonder if I should of went all in. Everything I do I go all in. I took a huge risk 3 years ago to quit a real job while filming part time to become a filmer full time. I have had to adapt and make things work but I fully support myself off Filming now. This past year has been insane. I’ve went all in more times than I can count. I don’t regret any of it. All I can wonder now is when the next opportunity comes along will I go all in or will I be too comfortable in my current position to take a chance to evolve once again?


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