12/27 Lipsmack Update

Things you need to know now!

  • We will be dropping a new Teaser very soon of a particular rider.
  • I have a pretty good idea of the layout of the video.
  • Music is coming together. We are gonna have some awesome stuff.
  • Ill be traveling to Portland to film the intro very soon.
  • The movie is scheduled to premiere in May 2012.
  • Shredtown just got a system 2.0….
  • Jeff Mckee is back on the water shredding.
  • We have filmed a ton already but we have a ton more to do.
  • I have all the footage shot up to this point logged.
  • We have filmed on 13 different unique rails so far. Most of them never before seen or thought of. We have more coming.
  • Its still warm enough in Florida to ride no wetsuit…
  • We will be dropping more teasers and a official trailer this spring.
  • This movie is going to either offend you or make you wanna travel, ride, party, party and or ride.
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