My Favorite Videos I Created In 2011…

I’ve created a crap load of videos this year. It is my job I guess but sometimes its overwhelming to think of the sheer amount of videos. A lot of time and work goes into each video. The problem with the internet is there such a mass of videos constantly coming out that old videos get forgotten about quite quickly. I sometimes forget what videos I made and don’t even ask me to remember the songs I used this year. Here’s just some of my favorite videos that pop into my head right now.

Jimmy Trask! We shot this video in a couple days but the music, the riding and everything just worked out. I love this video.

I got the most epic chance to go to the Philippines CWC twice this year. It was my dream for the longest time to go and shred. Being able to go twice this year alone is fucking epic. This is a video I made for Nike 6 of their wakeskaters shredding.

Josh Palma’s Passion! Josh is an awesome rider and we put some serious passion into making this little flick. Think it turned out pretty cool.

Slingshot Prologue. This was suppose to be the intro, the hint that we were working on a full length. A lot people told me they enjoyed it. I’m still stoked to watch it and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. There is so much awesomeness coming from Lipsmack very soon. Keep an eye out!

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