2012 New Years Resolutions…

I dont know if New Year’s resolutions are suppose to be kept private or not but this blog is my online journal that I look back on from time to time. So I dont know a better place to post them, for the world to see and hopefully hold me to it. 2011 was the most insane unpredictable year of my life. I took over the online editor position at Alliance at the beginning of the year. Shortly after we began filming for Lipsmack. I have traveled all over the world and met so many awesome people. I reached Platinum medallion on Delta (sorry really stoked on this…). I got to go on a all expense payed surf trip to Nicaragua. I was able to grow friendships to what I think are going to be life long bonds. Its scary too think that 2012 might not be as good. So I thought I would come up with a real list of goals for 2012 that could help me make 2012 even better then 2011.

2012 Resolutions

  • To Listen more, Speak less. Accept ideas better and communicate in an understanding way.
  • To be the best possible father to my daughter Rylee.
  • To be a better boyfriend.
  • See the positives in people rather than the negatives.
  • Take criticism better. Not throw up walls as fast.
  • Spend more time focused on learning about everything. Filming,Editing,Life, Etc.
  • Read more. Read everything and anything that interest me.
  • To push myself beyond my comfort zone.
  • To approach and talk to people I may not know more.
  • To say hello to people I have met.
  • To create something with Lipsmack that will captivate an audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • To work harder and pursue every lead.
  • To never stop evolving, far beyond any goal or potential.

Do everything in this above list Patrick and 2012 will be far more amazing then 2011.

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