Kim Yong Il Shredding Philippines Edit

Where to start…. It had been my dream ever since CWC opened in the Philippines to go there and ride. Somehow last year I was able to go twice. My first trip in January 2011 was for 2 weeks. While I was there I got to meet Kim Yong Il and watch this guy ride. I was able do a little bit of filming with him but wish I was able to do more. My second trip in December was totally unplanned. I got a call seeing if I wanted to go 2 days before I would leave. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and before I know it (36 hours of traveling) I was back at CWC riding. I contacted Kim on my way down telling him to get ready to film.

I really can’t sum Kim up in this post but Kim is basically the Scott Byerly of Asia. The guy has so much style and he’s been pushing his riding and other’s around him for quite some time  now. Everyone knows Kim and everyone respects him not only because he shreds but because he is one of the humblest dudes around.

I still cant believe I got the opportunity to travel to CWC twice last year and I lucked out being able to film with Kim. Who knows where I’ll being heading in 2012 but I hope to meet some more awesome riders like Kim again this year. Wakeboarding requires people to interact and in that interaction you meet some of the coolest people on the planet.

Big thanks to Kim, the people of Cam Sur and everyone at CWC who always made it feel like home.

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