Was it luck?

Was it just a lot of dumb luck? Luck that I was in the right place at the right time. Luck that I made stupid comments that distanced me from certain parties and into another? What ever it was I’m really fucking stoked it happened. When I say it happened, I’m talking about Lipsmack. It was almost a year ago that we left on our first trip the Philippines to film. (A bucket list destination I had for a long time). Today I’m sitting on another plane flight to Texas after a consecutive 6 trips to Shredtown. But this trip is different. Lipsmack is officially done and the premiere is set. Theres no worries about weather or excitement to see what new things Shredtown has built.

I’ve wanted this day to come for quite some time. Wanted to finish Lipsmack but now I’m lost with out it. I have to branch out again and work on new projects with riders that I have neglected while filming for Lipsmack. The slingshot team became my very unfunctional family. I gained life long friends, traveled the world with them and experienced it all for the first time with them. I hated them so fucking much at points but it never lasted. I think your really not friends with someone till you really have a good argument or fight. As girly as it sounds, those rough situations either break you or make you. And I can tell you there were some rough patches.

I really have no idea whats going to happen now. Everything that has happened was so unplanned and really just dumb luck. 2012 is already shaping up as another crazy year. Plane tickets are being booked and plans are being made. I want to start another movie as soon as possible. I feel so lost without a solid focus now. Web videos are never going to fill that void again. Once you see how awesome you can make something with time and extreme effort. My girlfriend is going to hate for me it but Lipsmack was only the beginning. I need to make another movie right now. Anyone can make one movie but making another movie the following year thats saying something.

All I know is I am pretty fucking lucky. Lucky to wake up and do exactly what I love. As much as I hate it at times, deep down I fucking love every minute of it. Looking back at it all now I want to be right back in it. I want to hate it all over again.

Its going to be a wild ride friends. Hope you can all come along for it.


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