2013 Slingshot RPM Kite Product Launch Videos

This year Slingshot approached me to produce one their most important product videos of the year. Their flagship kite the RPM has revolutionized kiteboarding and has become the most copied kite in the world. Their forward thinking not only sets them apart from the competition but it also leads to every other brand copying what they did 2-3 years ago. With this pressure, I took on the job and traveling to Peru with Jeff Logosz to shoot the new 2013 RPM. Jeff is the main designer and also founder of Slingshot, his passion for designing products has propelled Slingshot into the future with their innovative technology. Siting him down and listening to his story then having to compress it down into a 5 minute video was challenging. With over an hour of interview audio I had to some how dissect it to find the key points and tell the story.

We had the idea to build anticipation for the new RPM with this short teaser that we launched one week before.

And now this week we have launched the full release video.

This was my second project that I shot solely with the Red Scarlet. I love working with this camera and the results clearly show a huge difference in quality.