Alexa Collins

@AlexaCollins starring in this new piece set to the Weeknd. Developing my lifestyle/swim wear portfolio is one of my goals now that I live in Miami. Shooting this video naturally with poor lighting conditions is always challenging but we were able to get some epic shots!


  I had 12 Hours with the all new RED EPIC-W HELIUM 8K to do whatever I wanted with and to have some fun. Its really hard to describe 8K as anything short of amazing. Remember when we first saw 4K for the first time. Well 8K is the next step. Its really amazing what… Continue Reading

“How Do You Want It” Campaign

Traveled to the island of Mauritius off the south east tip of Africa to shoot the 2017 Slingshot Kite product line. The big goal that I set out to accomplish was creating a new style of product videos to showcase Slingshot’s new product. After arriving we faced monsoon conditions and thought all hope was lost… Continue Reading

Wilco Offroad Built In The USA

A little late but heres some awesome work from a recent job working with Client Wilco Offroad. They came to me looking for videos to promote their Brand and tell their story as a company who build quality products here in the USA. When working with a brand that already has a cool story its… Continue Reading