Was it luck?

Was it just a lot of dumb luck? Luck that I was in the right place at the right time. Luck that I made stupid comments that distanced me from certain parties and into another? What ever it was I’m really fucking stoked it happened. When I say it happened, I’m talking about Lipsmack. It… Continue Reading

In to the fire….

photo by Garrett Cortese Its crunch time or at least it seems like it. The days are burning away, the deadline is nearing. 2 months seem only a week away. Everything I’m doing, everything I’m thinking about is Lipsmack. I cant wait to film these next 2 months but man will I be happy when… Continue Reading

Charles Bergquist’s High Speed Reel

Usually I skim through High Speed video’s pretty quickly but Charles’s high speed reel stands out from the pack. High speed reel for 2011 shot with the Olympus iSpeed 3 from Jordy.com. I will be using this Camera for some of the Lipsmack shoots early next year. The possibilities are endless with technology these days. www.charlesbergquist.com

Give Thanks: Lipsmack….

Thought it would good time of the year to be thankful for all the things in life I take for granted. There’s so many things going on in my life but the Lipsmack crew is the most constant right now. Its a unique opportunity to work with a crew of riders who are all my… Continue Reading