BTS: Ecuador Shoot

Just got back from a 2 week trip to Ecuador shooting some new Slingshot Kite gear. Pretty insane place. Check out some of the behind the scenes shots I took along the way.

Using a RED as a Still Camera?

Lately I’ve been messing around with the idea of using my RED camera as a Still camera. It has all the resolution and image to compete with most DSLRs on the market. The new Dragon 6k is going to smoke almost every DSLR on the market. So what is to stop me from using my… Continue Reading

New Lens! Canon 300mm 2.8L

Excited about my recent purchase, Canon 300m 2.8L lens is great for getting in close and keeping distance from the action. Paired with the RED Scarlet this lens allows me to get a ton of zoom with 4k/3k/2k options and 1.4X Canon Extender. A proper long lens can open so many new angles and ideas.… Continue Reading

Lost In Peru

Made it back from Peru for a recent Slingshot Kite shoot. Heres some Behind The Scenes photos from the trip.