Was it luck?

Was it just a lot of dumb luck? Luck that I was in the right place at the right time. Luck that I made stupid comments that distanced me from certain parties and into another? What ever it was I’m really fucking stoked it happened. When I say it happened, I’m talking about Lipsmack. It… Continue Reading

Why you pay me more….

An opener letter from a Graphic Designer to client. Really sums it up so very well, why you pay me more. Sometimes we do it for the money, don’t we? The irony is that the less money we’re paid, the more likely we are to be doing it for the money. When we’re paid well,… Continue Reading

“All In”

All In…. Sometimes I find my self in situations where I should of maybe folded but its hard to not go all in. I went all in with a 5 and a 10 verse pocket Aces. I got a 4,6,7, and a 8 on the river…. I won. All in. I never want to look… Continue Reading