Slingshot Built In The USA Story Video

Got the chance to tell a really cool story about Slingshot and how they build their boards here in America. It really says a lot about a company who is interested in making products in America when everyone else is getting their stuff made overseas. Just something about MADE IN AMERICA!

Lipsmack Residue: Jeff Mckee

Watch Jeff McKee stunting for this week’s Lipsmack Residue. Its hard to believe that most of this footage didn’t make the cut for the actual movie, but we only wanted to use the best clips possible. This meant lighting, trick and camera angle all played a huge role in selecting the best clips. Check out… Continue Reading

Was it luck?

Was it just a lot of dumb luck? Luck that I was in the right place at the right time. Luck that I made stupid comments that distanced me from certain parties and into another? What ever it was I’m really fucking stoked it happened. When I say it happened, I’m talking about Lipsmack. It… Continue Reading

Just Setting Focus Here…

Snow covered mountain tops in Washington in October.  I dont really take a lot of photos since I am always behind the camera filming but sometimes I snap off a little something. Heres just some random photos I had that I thought were kinda cool. On that note I should post up some more screen… Continue Reading