2013 RED Reel

Shooting new things and traveling to new places…. Shot on Red Epic/Red Scarlet. Custom WaterHousing Song is Mother by The Golden Filter (remixed by Au Palais)

Carlos Mario + Slingshot – The Story Begins

Video i created from my trip to Brazil to shoot with Slingshot’s newest rider Carlos Mario. At the age of 16 he’s already turning heads around the world. Cant’ wait to see this story unfold.


Wakestyle now, is a term thrown around pretty loosely these days in kiteboarding, which is unusual because as recently as two years ago, it was a term that essentially only referred to about %1 of the kiteboarding population. However with the recent emergence of bindings on the world tour, you see more and more people… Continue Reading

Distinction Trailer

There is a clear distinction… Full film coming 1-28-14 Starring Alex Fox and Sam Light on location in Florida. Directed by Patrick Wieland